63th International Family Canoe Rally
Pojezierze Brodnickie, Drwęca, Wisła
27.07-10.08 2024

General information

1. Organizer: Klub Turystów Wodnych (KTW) Chełmno, Poland

2. Commander: Stanisław Drozd

3. General purposes: active leisure promotion of regional landscape and water trails

4. Course of the rally: Partęczyny – Chełmno

5. Conditions of participation:
– Age above 18
– Below 18 only with an adult

6. Application and registration fee:
Application form should be send by post to:
Poland, Cuiavian-Pomeranian
86-200 Chełmno, ul. Biskupia 16
Skrytka pocztowa nr 19

The deadline for an acceptance of application form: 18 june 2024
– registration fee: 300 euro

Foreigners pay the fee after arrival in KTW Chełmno
In case of resignation from the rally later than one month before the date of beginning, 50% of the registration fee is returned.

7. Equipment not provided by organizer:
– camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)

8. Organizer provides:
The number of kayaks is limited, earlier declarant, receive a newer generation equipment
– first aid along the course
– promotial materials
– camping site (includes 24h before and after the rally)
– protected parking place
– bus transport from Chełmno to Wielkie Partęczyny lake (beginning place)
– luggage transport along the course (by truck)
– interesting optional activities (guided tours of towns, cities and other events organized by KTW)
– one hot meal daily

Official beginning will be held in Chełmno, Biskupia street 16 at 9.45 a.m. on 27 july 2024.
Admission of participations: 26 july and 27 july 2024

For more information:
www: ktwc.pl
e-mail: ktwchelmno@onet.eu



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